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Monday, November 09, 2009

DAMN. super loooooooong update! right, once again, the merry birds are singing, the trees are whistling. little kids peeping and little fingers hooking. ;)

okay! super update! MUMMY GOT ME GUCCI BAG FROM THEIR BUSINESS TRIP! :D:D *double yayness!

and i met up with my deearrrrr wenlynn like after sooooo long. and well, she's the first after jy who saw my new colour hair. fyi, i dyed it BLACK. and i FEEL REJUVENATED, YOUNG ONCE AGAIN! and i'm damn eggggcited and well, it sure bOOOsted my confidence level. HAHA! like how RIZ LOW go BOOMZ, i get BOOSTED.

hmms, maybe i shld come bck to blogging again. but school work's been pretty heavy nowadays, and presentations after presentations, dance and dances, movies&lotsa movies to catch. and not to mention JESS's birthday celebration coming up and meetups with my girls. and not forgetting about my best of the bestest best Tee.

okay, i really should stop posting cos i'm having ITAB lesson now, and learning some shity MS Access. and i miss tarin cos she's sick for school. I VRY WU XIM ONE OKAY. not like ow and leo. bo xim ones. OH OH! we had FOOD IMPLOSION just now at 11am. ongwei, leonard, guo kai and me, a team. ate 10APPLES, 6BANANAS, 10 GARDENIA RAISIN BUNS and 4 bottles of NEWATER. well, timing was 12min. and that sucks. i sacrificed my image as well. there goes SP ms photogenic! HAHA! ok, teacher's coming.


Friday, October 16, 2009

photo updates!


super update.

MIA for quite some time. im enjoying my holidays though. (:
last update was on teachers' day. haha. okay.
things that i've done during this whole holiday:
  • worked during IT fair
  • celebrated lynn's 17th birthday w/ ryan and the guys.
  • mean girls 3rd year!
  • kbox with poly mates ;)
  • went for 2 job interviews w/ justina & tarin
  • went single
  • day camp in sch
  • explored singapore's night life!
  • visited west coast
  • east coast
  • labrador park
  • henderson wave
  • farm mart
  • prawning@punggol
  • bottle tree park
  • mid-autumn festival@ bishan park
  • ivan's brother's birthday chalet
  • stayover at jess's
  • sentosa with dance friends
  • bought mp3 for anna
  • underwater world, dolphin lagoon,song of the sea @ sentosa!
  • anna's birthday
  • volunteer work at Institute of Mental Health
  • Pulau Ubin cycling trip with deyi people
  • been having fever for 4days
  • awaiting for new sem to start!

super short update. (: andand, gems registration was damn exciting!!!
well, got into one of the choices i wanted- love relations. quite lame but, alright la. suppose it'll be fun. with steph in the same class as me and jy in the nxt class. (: happy enough.

looking forward to tmr's activity with sec class guys plus the girls. and sunday bbq at pasir ris park with dance people! :DD

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i feel good sorting things out. (:

Thursday, September 03, 2009


30Aug, teachers' day celebration.
went back Deyi with girls and classmates. it's good to see old friends again.
and especially my dear beloved teachers.

and today, i brought T to meet my family. My grandma have been pestering me to bring him home. haha. yup, and today, gosh, my heart was like thumping away and i was soooo afraid that mum or dad will show dislike towards him. but, things were opposite. Their conversations were random, and my dad had been trying to be funny. HAHA. oh well, hopefully they will see T for long.

now, im the only one attached in the group. i do feel sad for dan and jy. but, if fate stops, then face it. no point avoiding and running away from reality. I'm PROUD of my girls, for being so strong after hits of waves, and still standing strong as a woman. Don't worry, no matter what tornado or typhoon hits you, remember that the rest of meangirls will still be there for you, for you are not alone. (: even though we're not physically Right beside you, but you know that our souls feel for you. so, gambatte! Irene 爱你们哦!